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Mindset, Energy, Strategy, Systems

Untapping your full potential

I help people to rewite their stories so they can live personally and professionally with passion, freedom and confidence


Hi I'm Helen

I am a high performance coach and I am here to shine a light on the impact of the stories and beliefs you have and how they may be holding you back from living the life you truly desire.

Through my work, I look at the belief systems and value sets you have and the extent to which you are able (or not) to live according to your values, based on the stories you are telling yourself.

When we align our stories, beliefs and values, we truly become unstoppable and I promise you, you can gain freedom from any unresolved trauma and go on to live a deeply joyful life.

I work on three levels (mindset, energy and strategy & systems) so you can maximise your potential in every area of your life. I have helped clients excel in their careers; their businesses; their health; their wealth; their happiness and their relationships.

Once these three pillars are aligned, you really can achieve your wildest dreams!


What Our Clients Say

Helen is a fantastic listener, she has the ability to calm the noise in my head. She has given me complete clarity on what I need to focus on to move forward positively.

Having Helen support my journey from the beginning has been such a holistic experience.

She’s got me through every stage of my healing and I’m delighted to say that with her guidance I’m able to look forward to a very happy future and leave the past behind.


TV Editor

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Helen and observing her incredible skills as a trauma informed coach.

She is so knowledgeable and able to validate her clients due to her unique personal experiences.  

Helen has a warm, comforting approach that encourages deep healing and moving forward with life goals.

Helen is amazing!

Anne Marie

Business Owner

Helen is so informative and her skills and knowledge around the psych education of trauma are really second to none.

You will come out of Helen’s sessions knowing the whys of what is going on in that body and brain of yours.

She is empathetic, compassionate and really cares about her clients.

It was a real pleasure working with Helen

Jen C


Helen is an extremely knowledgeable coach.

Her expertise in trauma informed coaching is exceptional and she imparts that knowledge in a kind and compassionate way.

She is passionate about supporting her clients in their healing and in my experience, she supports you in a empathetic, respectful and non-judgemental way in your healing journey.


Managing Director
what i do

Together we can

Life Mastery Blueprint

Working with me, one on one, for a year enables you to rewrite your stories and sustain your new high performing habits as you design, define and attain your targets in creating the life you desire.This is not for everyone, but if you are serious about up-levelling your life and working with a dedicated and committed coach to achieve results faster than any other alternative, then you are in the right place!
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I offer hypnotherapy as a stand-alone therapy or incorporated into my coaching packages. This is a great way to relieve anxiety, promote weight loss, conquer fears, beat addictions and achieve an overall sense of peace and well-being.
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Theta Healing

I offer theta healing as a stand-alone therapy or incorporated into my coaching packages. This is a great way to relieve the stresses of your life, boost your energy levels, relieve illness or remove limiting beliefs. This has transformed me personally more than any other single healing modality.
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