Mind Over Matter: How Mindset Affects Capacity with Jay Rot

Becoming Unapologetically Me is the podcast for people who know that they have more inside them and want it to come out. In this episode, host Helen Norbury is joined by serial entrepreneur and business coach Jay Rot. Jay is founder and CEO of BeMore Academy, where he helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs build highly effective systems for sales and lead generation. A Visionary Entrepreneur, an Inspirational Speaker, and Coach, Jay has been a catalyst in thousands of people’s lives. He is an entrepreneur with 18 years business experience specialized in branding, digital marketing, and e-commerce. He has collaborated with leading multinational companies such as IBM, Outfit7, Era, and Petrol. Jay has an in-depth knowledge of strategic branding and digital marketing in high-growth startup environments. Two of the companies he has worked with have experienced an exit with valuations up to $1B. But truly what makes Jay’s unique blend is his remarkable energy and ability to lead with heart. He believes in doing business with Authenticity, Integrity, and Love.

In this episode, he explores the power of mindset and how it impacts identity, and shares insights on how capacity and identity intersect.

For those with dreams of delivering their purpose and leaving their legacy on the planet in big ways, it’s essential for them to understand their own capacity, Jay shares. They should discover how to find resources within themselves and tap into them, and how to grow in terms of identity and paradigm. “I’ve learned that if we just grow business without personal growth, we will always get out of balance sooner or later,” he claims. “The business is a reflection of your inner understanding of self and the world.”

Our subconscious creates our reality, Jay adds. A mindset shift is exactly what you need to change your life. If your subconscious is constantly pushing you down and undermining your skills and capabilities, it will bleed into how you do your work. “You need to change the tape before you change the outcome,” he advises. That tape your mind has been showing you for years has shaped your identity, which defines your scope of possibility. 

The good thing about minds, however, is that they can be changed. Your identity is the consequence of your past, but it’s not set in stone – brains are malleable, so as long as you commit to working on your growth, you can change the tape. And once you grow in your identity, your capacity explodes. 

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