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Letters from the Heart: 16th February 2023

As you may know, I have recently become an accredited financial wellness coach with Octopus Money Coach.

You may wonder WHY I decided to do this on top of the already successful (and busy) coaching and consultancy practice I run.

My business has always grown organically as I see and hear the challenges people are facing and find ways to help them address these in the spirit of being able to live with the unapologetic freedom to be ALL of themselves. 

What I have seen is so many times where not feeling financially empowered has really stood in the way of COMPLETE self-expression.

And when I asked what people wished they’d learnt at school, about 70% of all the answers had a financial theme running through them…. be that budgeting, mortgages, savings, how to buy a 1st home, planning for kids, and many more besides…..

And, I am the lived experience of someone who has been able to create an entirely different freedom in my life through gaining the empowerment to reject the old stories, such as divorced women can’t be wealthy (I believed that one for WAY too long).

Money is probably one of the most frequent areas where I hear these adopted stories and beliefs, but the truth is, we all get to choose and create our financial stories.

Becoming a personal financial wellbeing coach was an obvious progression from creating business financial forecasts and helping people to plan for and reach their business goals. Now I can help people do the same at a personal level, regardless of whether you have been taught or shown how to do this previously.

I’ll be sharing some thoughts around this from time to time but if you want to know how YOU can reach your short, medium and long term goals, then let’s have a chat. No obligation and no cost…. The link to book some time is at the top of this post.

I’ll share more thoughts soon.

Because when you find and express your truth, you too can find a life beyond your wildest dreams. You have the power to change the trajectory of the world if you bring all of yourself to it.