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Letters from the Heart: 26th January 2023

I wrote last week about how important self-care is, particularly in the month of January. 

For my fellow UK residents, the recent cold snap does nothing to improve our sense of wellbeing. When you add that to paying for Christmas in the face of ever spiralling costs and energy bills, is it any wonder so many of us struggle at this time of year?

I know I need to double down on my self care this month or I feel the impact.

But, when I talk about self care, I’m not talking about carving out time for a candle lit bubble bath, as nice as that may be!

For me, self care runs a bit deeper than that so I thought I’d share 5 of my best tips in the hope it helps you too….

  • Get your finances in order – obviously that means different things to different people. Maybe it is paying off some debt, or saving for something special, or building a rainy day fund so you feel more secure, or making sure your investments are working as hard as they can, or that your pensions will provide for you adequately in retirement…. Whatever it means to you, reducing our financial stress has never been more important. 
  • Healthy nourishment is a cornerstone of looking after ourselves. Now, I love chocolate as much as the next person but I also know it does nothing to help my overall nourishment. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables (preferably organic), and having some meat free days if you’re not ready for a full vegetarian/vegan diet is so important. Also think what you’re feeding your mind too as this is just as important….
  • Make sure to have time to do nothing – just be and see what wants to be heard…. I am guilty of telling myself I am doing nothing when I’m watching a film, but apart from following along with the story, I’m invariably also answering emails, on social media or something else. Time doing nothing means no phone, no distractions …. just you and the quiet 
  • Have a spring clean to declutter your physical space and your emotional space. This can be a highly cathartic experience amd maybe you can even find somethings you can sell or thought you had lost too! Creating space in our physical and emotional environments allows our creativity to flow
  • Keep learning. I’m not suggesting you have to embark on a degree, it could be as simple as reading a chapter or two of a non-fiction book each day. Apart from learning new skills to benefit your life, relationships or work, reading each day also improves your focus, memory, empathy and communication 

A bit like the old adage, summer bodies are made in the winter, so it is true that your investment into your self-care now will pay you dividends with interest in the months to come….