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Are you ready to release your deep-seated beliefs that no longer serve you?

Theta Healing

could be what you have been looking for.

Do you have unexplained, persistent illnesses?

Do you feel you have emotional or spiritual blocks?

Do you want help manifesting the future you truly desire?

Does fear hold you back from doing what you want to do?

Do you feel disconnected or alone inside?

If this sounds like you, then read on below.

I work with female survivors of abuse to unlock their trauma in order to empower themselves and the next generation.

We start unlocking the trauma responses that cause you to feel this way.

My Mission is to...

My mission is to shine a light on the impact of trauma on a person’s life. This includes healing the behaviours and addictions we adopt in order to avoid feeling the pain of the wound that trauma leaves in our soul.

I help successful, working mothers to overcome past trauma and reap the rewards in all areas of their life – relationship, financial, career, love etc. as well as to improve their relationships with their children. You too can relegate the impact of abuse and trauma firmly to the past, and live a fulfilled and joyful life.

I help you to resolve outstanding trauma to create an empowering focus for the future.

Unresolved trauma, left untreated can lead to addictions so for this reason, I am also a certified addiction counsellor to help clients work through addictions, from substances to behaviours and emotions, and to help clients create a life of freedom, all through unlocking trauma.

My particular area of expertise is in narcissistic abuse. This is something I have personally experienced as a child, in romantic relationships and also in the workplace, so I have a breadth and depth of experience that is hard to match.

I have a deep sense of justice, desiring to level the playing field irrespective of status, income, race, gender etc. and now combine my experience and training, to empower other people to also reach the utopia of post-traumatic growth, as I have done.

“Helen is a fantastic listener, she has the ability to calm the noise in my head. She has given me complete clarity on what I need to focus on to move forward positively. Having Helen support my journey from the very beginning has been such a holistic experience. She’s got me through every stage of my healing and I’m delighted to say that with her guidance I’m able to look forward to a very happy future and leave the past behind.”
TV Editor

I remember arriving at work one day. I didn’t even know how I had got there. I had driven for over an hour and remembered none of it. I had dropped my children with a friend to take them to school as I couldn’t drop them off or pick them up. My daughter had a violin concert that morning but work wouldn’t let me go.

The GUILT was insane!

If only I could have managed to make my marriage work, maybe then the kids wouldn’t have to deal with this.

The SHAME was intense!

What if I wasn’t such an unloveable person. If only I was a better person I could be there for my kids. This thing was, all this was for a job that I could do with my eyes shut. I was being paid a third of what I used to be paid “back in the day”. What had happened – surely I hadn’t lost worth but why could no one see what I was worth?

I would come home at night, feed the kids and get them to bed. I literally only saw them for an hour each day and it broke my heart every single day. Here I was watching my children grow up and missing every bit of it and not being the role model I wanted to be.

Once they were in bed, I soothed my pain with a bottle of wine and a family bar of chocolate. I would sob at the disaster my life had become. This wasn’t how I saw the picture of my life.

Even through my stress and depression, I felt there had to be more to life than this. I heard all these people say there was life after divorce. Where was it? I had to find out. I just knew I couldn’t keep going like this. I didn’t want life if this was what life was.

So I set about healing. I didn’t know what I was healing at first but I knew there had to be a better life out there for me. I took part in one-to-one coaching, group sessions, home study and a number of different healing therapies. I learnt different things about myself in each.

When I stumbled across Theta Healing,

I knew my life would never be the same again.

“I was healed within my first session of a deep-seated fear of sex, caused by the abuse I had suffered. Until then I thought I was broken or somehow deficient and that I would never be able to have a sexual relationship ever again. My healing made me feel safe to have a sexual relationship again.”

This is just one example and I have healed other women from a massive range of beliefs including:

I am not worthy of love

I resent my daughter

I don’t feel beautiful

I deserve to always be poor

I am not good enough

I fear the future

I fear rejection

I do not trust myself

I don’t love myself

I am always angry

I am always unhappy

I am always scared

Other people always control me

I am jealous of other people

These are just the tip of the iceberg and show how boundless the possibilities are for you.

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with Helen and observing her incredible skills as a trauma informed coach. She is so knowledgeable and able to validate her clients due to her unique personal experiences. Helen has a warm, comforting approach that encourages deep healing and moving forward with life goals. Helen is amazing!”
Business Owner

This transformational healing session will be delivered through a Zoom meeting from the comfort of your own home. 

You will also have free contact with me for one week following your session to review and discuss anything you want.

“Helen is so informative and her skills and knowledge around the psych education of trauma are really second to none. You will come out of Helen’s sessions knowing the whys of what is going on in that body and brain of yours. She is empathetic, compassionate and really cares about her clients. It was a real pleasure working with Helen”

The Investment

Some things in life are absolutely priceless – imagine loving yourself, trusting yourself, honouring yourself.


One-off payment

This session will last approximately one hour, although it may be longer if we are in the middle of clearing something for you.


VIP Option

VIP registrants will receive a separate private coaching session with me so we can delve deeply into your individual situation. Worth over £300 on its own