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What is narcissism


Helen Anne Norbury is a narcissism informed trauma and addiction coach. Using positive psychology to create an empowered future, Helen Anne Norbury works with clients to deeply heal trauma from the subconscious brain and to heal wounds from childhood and beyond, caused as a result of abuse or other trauma. Through unlocking the trauma, clients of Helen Anne Norbury are able to live a deeply fulfilled and joyful life in a world of post-traumatic growth.

What is narcissism?

I remember the first time I heard the word “narcissist” wondering what relevance it had to today’s world. As a student of the classics at school, I had heard the story of Narcissus who looked in a pond, saw his reflection and fell in love with himself so intensely that he could never love another and eventually died in the process of admiring himself.

But what did that have to do with me?


As I started to research about narcissists, my mouth was falling wider and wider open in the recognition of how many narcissists I have encountered through my life, in different relationships.


The step-father

The ex-husband

The line manager



But why me? Why was I attracting all these narcissists into my life?

The truth is, certain people types (myself included) act as strong magnets to the narcissist. The qualities found in people like me satisfy the intense need for the narcissist to not have to feel their own wounds of not feeling good enough.

It is not your fault – abuse is abuse and is never OK. 

The good news is that you can heal some of your own wounds that make you so attractive to the narcissist. That’s not to say a narcissist will never cross your path again, but if and when they do, you will be able to spot them from a mile away and you can have healed your own wounds to the extent that you are not susceptible to their hooks.



I am assuming if you are interested in reading this post that you have some experience of narcissists, or at the very least some curiosity about whether maybe you have been experiencing some narcissistic abuse.

Maybe you are wondering if you are involved with a narcissist?

The emotional abuse that a narcissist serves up can cause extreme damage to your self-esteem so it is vital to get help with your situation as soon as possible. The narcissistic abuse trauma cycle means that it can be really hard to extricate yourself from this situation on your own. 

Maybe you feel like you are crazy or worthless, or like you are a hopeless case, or the abuse is in some way your fault? 

This is all as a direct result of the emotional abuse that has been inflicted on you and I am here to tell you that CATEGORICALLY this has happened TO you, not BECAUSE of you. I am here to tell you that you were born just perfect and this abuse is happening as the narcissist looks to entrap you as an antidote to his or her own wounds.



So, the question is what do I do? How do I start to live the life that makes me truly fulfilled and joyful?

The exciting news is that I am not special in any way (well, we are all special, but I have no special genetic makeup, I am a normal person, just like you). I have experienced abuse from more than one narcissist in my life, but today I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that now I live a life of such happiness and abundance. The icing on the cake is that I have the honour to fulfil the passion and purpose in my life by being able to share my experiences and knowledge, so you too can live a fulfilled and joyful life, after the trauma caused by abuse. 

How do I do this?

As a holder of a Positive Psychology diploma, I bring together the science and nature of happiness to empower you to live out your dreams, whatever they may be. Alongside this, I can help you go deeply into your subconscious, where you hold your limiting beliefs, to help you unlock the trauma you hold there as a consequence of the abuse you have experienced.

Trauma can feel all-consuming and you can feel like you are beyond healing, that no-one else experiences trauma in the same way that you do. I am here to offer you hope; to show you a path to healing and happiness. 

Don’t believe it is an easy journey, but it is a simple one. I can offer you some simple life hacks and combine this with the subconscious work so in a matter of months you can reflect on the journey you have been on and wonder who you have become and see a life full of possibilities in front of you. 

I am excited for you to feel how I feel.

Helen Anne Norbury has recently created social media communities to enable people interested in taking ownership of their own trauma healing to find information, join free trauma healing challenges and, when they are ready, to get in touch with Helen Anne Norbury about working deeper to heal the wounds from trauma and abuse more profoundly.